Asymmetry Podcast

Asymmetry Podcast

A place for conversation, incubation, and the connection of other mediums to the world of bonsai. In this podcast, guests from all over the world gather to explore bonsai as an avenue to connect nature, culture, and the individual. Subscribe via StitcherItunes & or Soundcloud

Michael Lime Allen 


The sound engineer for Mirai Live & resident Timbers enthusiast, Lime is one of the most colorful personalities on the Mirai Team. In this podcast, Lime & Ryan talk big-wall climbing in Yosemite, the life of a nuclear engineer in the Navy & how bonsai has the power to change lives. Note: Especially for 'bonsai hardcore' enthusiasts.

A Trip to California 

The Mirai team recaps from a recent trip down to California where they visited the most ancient trees on the planet, witnessed avant-garde ceramic artist, Jonathan Cross, wood-firing his kiln, and scrambled through the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree.

Ron Lang

Ron Lang is a celebrated ceramic artist, sculptor, and long-time bonsai geek who has a unique perspective on the bonsai vessel.

In Ron's words: "The challenge of the bonsai potter is to provide fresh options, subtlety and variety for bonsai artists. Pots that come on strong, that make too much of a statement all on their own and have too much “ego” are difficult to marry off. But the opposite extreme is just as problematic, the generic, the mass produced and anonymous manufactured containers offer little opportunity for nuances in relationships beyond traditional arrangements. I try to make containers that have life, that take breath, that move, that are not static. The successful pairing of tree and container is a collaborative gestalt." 

Juan Andrade 

Juan Andrade is a bonsai professional hailing originally from Costa Rica, now based in Florida, who recently finished a bonsai apprenticeship in Japan. In this episdoe, the Mirai crew discusses Andrade's roots with bonsai - his apprenticeship in Japan, collecting epiphytes in the Costa Rican jungle, and where he thinks bonsai is headed. 

Peter Warren 

Peter Warren joins the Mirai team in the studio for an unfiltered discussion on bonsai in the UK, Ryan and Peter exchange stories about Japan, Peter explains why suiseki isn't just 'rocks' and how bonsai explains universal physics. 

The story behind Bonsai Mirai

In this inaugural podcast, we dive into the history behind the creation of Bonsai Mirai, and the core players that make this business happen. This is the first of many podcasts to come, where guests from all over the world gather to explore the medium of bonsai as an avenue to connect nature, culture, and the individual. 

*May contain suggestive/explicit content