This is your brain on nature

New research suggests that wildness is a necessity. 

What John Muir had been writing about for decades, new research is beginning to support. An article written by Outside magazine delved into the science behind nature as an elixir for creativity. 

It’s essentially about unplugging from the deluge of information and technological engagement that overloads our senses day-in-and-day-out. Nature provides the space for certain regions in our brain to rest, allowing other regions, specifically “the imagination network,” to activate. 


Thousands of tired,nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity." - John Muir  

As explained in the article; “This network tends to get activated when we’re engaged in mellow, non-taxing activities like showering, washing the dishes, or walking in the woods—which explains why people tend to have so many “aha!” moments in these situations. It's also why the next time you're experiencing writer's block, stepping outside may be a better solution than sitting and suffering.” 

Nature is a place for our mind to recharge. It is a way to get out of the constant distractions and stresses of modern life. Perhaps that is why bonsai is such a fascination for people. It is a meditative way to connect with trees and essentially, with ourselves. 


At Mirai, obviously nature plays a paramount role in our daily-doings. Many of the great ideas we have had burgeoned while walking in the forest behind the garden.

We often talk about the difference in pace of Mirai versus Portland, for example. When we go to the city, we feel the creeping anxiety of society cloud our minds. Our most exuberant inspiration comes from the quiet spaces in nature -with our trees - in the forest.  

While humans have always held nature as a muse, it is fascinating to see the neurological processes responsible for this phenomenon. Our brains work better when we prioritize spending time in nature, away from society.  

So go breath in the forest; take a hike this weekend. Recharge the wells of inspiration deep inside yourself. 

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Written & designed by: Kendall Strautman
Photography sourced from Unsplash -Hero image 1: Pepe Reyes, Image 2 (L) - Willem Karssenburg, Image 3 (R) - Topich, Image 4 - Philip Litvin

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