Trees in Art

A gallery through art history

andy goldsworthy_woven_branch

emily carr loggers' culls

trees in art 1

van gogh mulberry tree

from the roots

trees in art 2

ansel adams jeffrey pine

choi yeong tree

roxy paine symbiosis

gustav klimt beech

ryan mcginley body loud

harriet holden nash
andre derain lesarbles

claire sherman tree

trees in art 4

Arthur Hitchcock Englemann Spruce on Deadwood


#1 - Andy Goldsworthy - Woven Branch Circular Arch Dumfriesshire 1986—Environmental Art
#2 - Emily Carr, Logger's Culls 1935, Oil on Canvas
#3 (Left) -  Peter Gardiner--Ravensworth (Swamp Latern III), 2012, Oil on Canvas
#4 (Right) - Claire Sherman-- Tree and Night, 2016 Oil on Canvas. As she describes: “It is less about representing a specific place, and more about how paint can create an experience of a space that is both alluring and terrifying. My interest is in a space that falls apart as it begins to congeal and questions our relationship to the conventions of landscape.”
#5 -  Vincent Van Gogh, Mulberry Tree,  1889, Oil on Canvas, Impressionism. Painted while in an asylum
#6 - G.R. Iranna - From The Roots, 2012, Acrylic on Tarpaulin
#7 (Left Top) -  Caspar David Friedrich - Village Landscape in Morning Light (The Lone Tree) 1822, Oil on Canvas—German Romantic Landscape
#8 (Left Bottom) - Kiki Smith, Untitled (Nests/Trees), 1997, Iris Print
#9 (Right) - Ryan McGinley, Tree 3, 2003, C Print
#10 - Ansel Adams - Jeffrey Pine, Sentinal Dome, Yosemite National Park, California, 1940, Gelatin Silver Print. This is one of the most photographed trees in the world; it fell over in 2003
#11 - Choi Yeong-Geol - Lonely Hero, 2014, Watercolor on Korean Paper
#12 - Roxy Paine - Symbiosis,  2011, Stainless steel and concrete
#13 - George Hayter - After The Storm, 1833, Oil on Canvas—Romanticism. This piece is a foreboding warning to those venturing into nature, representing the cycle of life and death—the brute force of the elements
#14 - Gustav Klimt - Beech Grove 1, 1902,  Oil on Canvas—Symbolism
#15 - Ryan McGinley - Body Loud, 2016, C Print
#16 - Harriet Holden Nash-- Tree Branches, 1940, Oil on Canvas
#17 - Andre Derain, Les Arbres (The Trees), 1906, Oil on Canvas—Fauvist
#18 - Claire Sherman--Tree, 2013 Oil on Panel. (Also hero image)
#19 - Tom Thompson - Pine Island, Georgian Bay, 1914, Oil on Canvas
#20 - Salvador Dali - Three Sphinxes of Bikini,  1947, Oil on Canvas
#21 - Bonsai by: Ryan Neil, Photo by: Arthur Hitchcock - Englemann Spruce on Deadwood, 2017, Mamiya 7II with Ilford FP4

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