The Oregonian: 'Unbridled' American Bonsai

The Oregonian covers Ryan Neil's living art exhibit at the Portland Japanese Gardens, May 2016

"Ryan Neil is the Rodin of American bonsai. Instead of using a chisel to shape stone, he holds scissors and wires in his hands to sculpt small, wild pines, junipers and other familiar trees into artistic, natural forms that are bold and nontraditional." 



"I would call some of his work masterpieces," says Knight  

"I would call some of his work masterpieces," says Knight of Oregon Bonsai, who met Neil in 2007 and has since partnered with him. "Because of Ryan's youthfulness, charisma and talent, more people are starting to recognize bonsai as an art form." 




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Hero image 1 & image 4 (R) - Chris Hornbecker
Image 2,3,5(R),6,7 - Arthur Hitchcock 

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