Mirai in the Wild: The Rockies

Episode III

Colorado's Rocky Mountains form the backbone of North America and serve as a dividing ridge between continents. Ancient bristlecone and limber pine trees adorn these contrasting landscapes that make up some of the country's most stunning and natural environments.

Mirai in the Wild is an original series that follows bonsai professional Ryan Neil as he journeys to the native landscapes of endangered and significant trees. Embedded in the environment, he processes and understands nature's elements in the way the tree does–interpreting and expressing the aesthetic of nature through the art of bonsai.

Returning to his place of birth, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Neil finds a familiar yet unexpected relationship that flourishes amidst the experience of marveling at the grandeur of the Limber Pine Grove and the magnificent bristlecone pines of Windy Ridge.

These wild landscapes challenge our perceptions of vulnerability, durability, and openness to the fruits and bounty forged through our relationships with nature and humanity.

Through this journey, we encourage the self-exploration of one's environmental stewardship and how our actions affect the livelihood of these ancient forests to ensure their longevity for generations to come.