Garden Visits

Garden Visits

A Mirai Experience

Mirai is a company, an ethos, a community, and a place. There's no better way to experience the meaning of Mirai than visiting the property just outside of St. Helens, OR. Built by Ryan Neil in 2010, Mirai is a place where you can come see world-class bonsai on display and being produced on a daily basis. 

From spring to early fall, Mirai opens its gates to visitors from around the world. With a mug of Pacific Northwest style coffee, small groups of 10 or less are guided around the property by a Mirai team member and are encouraged to explore on their own to soak up the environment during the course of their visit. 

bonsai_ballerina_mirai bonsai_mirai_garden_2Bonsai_Mirai_gardenryan_neil_workshop


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to maintain the health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors, Mirai is closed to the public until further notice. We are taking this time to rennovate and repair the gardens and look forward welcoming visitors back in 2022.  Please feel free to email us if you have questions. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.



Photography for personal use is permitted. Pets are not allowed and small children must be kept under close watch. All visitors are strongly encouraged to be aware of their body and personal belongings when in the close quarters of the garden. Touching trees is not permitted.